Lykostomo is a traditional Greek village and despite being located next to the tourist area of Loutra, Pozar remains untouched by tourism. The main sector of activity of its inhabitants is the rural one.

Since we can remember our family and our fellow villagers, we have always loved the land, we hurt and cultivated it. For the local villagers, land and farming are not a profession or a hobby; it is our way of life. We love what we do and our family experience has taught us how to do it well.

And although lavender cultivation is something new in our region, famous for its quality of chestnuts and its delicious water, when we thought of expanding our lavender crops there was no better place where we could do it! Both its temperate climate and the taste and knowledge of our people make Lycostomo ideal for this high quality culture. For us, Lavender Lykostomou and Lav-Ly are not a product; it is our everyday life and we enjoy every fragrant moment!