The lavender we grow is the kind angustifolia. Every step of the procedure (from harvest to packaging) is done by hand. We strongly believe that the use of any kind of machinery reduces the quality of the final product.


So, for that reason, in June we harvest our fields by hand and tie them in buns of lavender. Then we hang them in a shed so they can dry naturally. After that, we extract the dried buds from the stems by hand. And then the most difficult part that we all wish to avoid begins: the shieving. The buds are shieved in a total of 4  times so they can be rid of the pollen. Clouds of pollen float in the air, eyes water, breathing gets more difficult, glasses blur. Anyway, everybody finds an excuse… The one who keeps on going is our dad.


The result: Dried lavender buds with a fantastic aroma appropriate for numerous uses.