Pozar Baths : The Spa of Almopia

Λουτρά Πόζαρ

About 5 km from Lykostom there is Pozar thermal baths, a very special place. The river Belitsa crosses a rocky canyon forming many small waterfalls and shallow, small natural “pools” along its bank. Its springs are located at an altitude of 360-390m. Water originates at 37°C and has healing properties. The area is a famous destination combining two elements: natural beauty and thermal spas in well-designed spaces.

The complex’s facilities are organized in a small spa town with hotels, swimming pools, changing rooms, restaurants, bars, offering every possible service to the bather.
Nowadays, there are works that exploit the natural beauty and the local attractions such as:

  • The gorge of Loutra and the surrounding mountainous area, offering for walks, mountaineering or excursions.
  • The cave park of Loutra.

At the same time, expansion and modernization of hydrotherapy facilities and refurbishment of the catering center improve the services offered to visitors.

Spa treatments have therapeutic indications for:

  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Arthropathies
  • Hollithiasis
  • Nephrolithiasis
  • Blood vessel infections

Contact information :

T. 2384091300

Functioning of the baths 24 hours a day.

Bookings 7.00 – 21.30 every day.